Name's Courtney, but most of you know me as Lanuria.
Happily married to the love of my life, Taylor, who I met on World of Warcraft in 2008.

I roleplay on SWTOR (Ebon Hawk); Check out my character's little profile things
Obisen Kindrak
Geviana Tolan
Feel free to say HI to me if you see me on. I'm always down for some RP.

Really want to talk to me? Find me on
AIM: Lanuriaparty
Steam: Expensive Doxy
Skype: Lanuriaparty

This tumblr is full of personal crap, Star Wars, Jedi emotions, incoherent screaming with my braintwin, other fandom stuff I like, lizards and bickering with my husband even though he's usually three feet away from me. I don't always tag stuff and trigger warnings aren't really my thing, but I'll try. Depends on the day.

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